Tuesday, 1 January 1991

Introduction of Multipliyers

The introduction of Multipliers or Drums came as a suprise. I was introduced to Beez[The Guru of Guitars] by my sworn brother. This guy's guitar skill is no joke. My dad and i love listening to Deep Purple. When i heard Ritche Blackmore's strumming non-stop on the electric guitar, chills run down my spine.....HE's a GOD of Guitar!! When Beez plays his, the man is just as gifted. On our first meeting, Beez was holding an odd like reel and proceed casting it to the surf. He was holding a Penn's Seaboy multiplier and suddenly asked me to cast it out for me. I cast...and...Char....Bee...Hoon. I burnt my thumb too!! That was my very first experience with casting a drum. Beez posing with 2kgs pair of Golden Promfrets, ikan Bona or Kim Chiew. He was already using Abu's 6500 at this time.

My practicing casting playground. Using my virgin Abu 6500 c3 wt/ guider. Also caught myself a sole or slipper fish..

Iam constantly practicing my tecnical handling for multiplyer casting in Sentosa....Tanjung Beach..... Also hooked a decent size prata..

This 2kg Stingray was gut hooked and really loves the pasir2.....

Me displaying my catch throphys.....after a long hard day of surf-fishing...

The end result were the twin terror Stingrays and a Sweetlips..