Saturday, 9 June 2007

I don't have that Mole.

Was extremely happy n excited looking forward to this trip but unfortunely, upon reaching there...!!!..OH.. NO...NOT....THAT..AGAIN.!!!J.A.R.I.N.G..!! Very unusual today cos not even a small bite. We were using kelong sotong. Then, by 1am, when all seemed to be lost effort, my buddy's Penn 525 mag screamed. He whacked it and reeled in gently. But much to our amusement, the fish just followed n never put up any struggle at all. By the time it got near, he pulled it up n there it is, a beautiful 700g Unga Tanda or Spotted Fingermark Snapper. Took picture n was released unharmed. Found out later that my buddy's Penn 525 mag alarm or ratchet drag was too loose. There was no bite after that n we proceeded home in the early hours of the morning feeling angry n disappointed.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Roti Prata wt Two Eggs

Tonight is the night we go all out. Fresh bait-kelong sotong:check. Good tide:check. Good weather:check. We also kena spot:check!! I mean, by the fishes lah.. First up my buddy opening ceremony when his rod suddenly bent double. He whacked it but the wahataver fish ran [zatt,zattt,paused,zatt,zattttt,zatt,zatt,zatt,] and peeled his line for at least 30secs. The fish got stuck in front and by this time i knew it was a ray. We waited for 15mins till the ray came out surrendering. Its pari lalat and it weight in at about 5kg.

The back view of the ray. Sure looks like Roti Prata. This size will make a fine assam pedas or pari bakar...

When the tide is down to the lowest. I took out my float and hooked a live Ikan selideng. I let it float out to the wavebreaker's edge. Saw a lot of commotion at the spot. Maybe those groups of Ikan belanak being disturbed. I reeled in my float gently towards me when suddenly... [Sppoloppp.....Zatttt..zat]. Iam trying to subdued its run, by looking at the water to sight my main line, but i couldn't cos its dark. Thump my rod and the next thing i hear is [Spllassh]. I already knew its a Ikan siakap and its a juvenile size. Land it quickly, rebait it wt a dead small ikan pasir2. Reason is, these juvenile siakaps likes to travel in groups and i had to be fast to target the spot. Manage to land another same size siakap using the reeling in gently approach. By this time its totally quiet as the tide had hit the lowest.

My siakap. Weight in this beauty at 3kg. Belive it or not the two siakaps were released unharmed.
Although we caught no biggies this time, we were happy and contented watching those two juvenile males Ikan siakap swim away freely into the dark water. There's hope for our descendents..