Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Who Let The Dogs Out?????

Nice doggie, giving me a good fight on my light tackle...Looks like other fishes make themself scare when doggies were around...This one Yu Bodoh grabbed the kelong-sotong bait...

Looking at the head...from the top view... Siapa Bodoh....??? Shark Fin's, Anyone?? The two fishes were released after picture taking..
Is this the same doggie that ive released earlier...???? Caught one more about the same size...Maybe the water is too cold cos it rained ealier in the evening today.

The Doggie from the top view...Gave a a good fight on my Silstar Dia-Flex 7'6ft rod wt Abu 6500c3 wt/guider. Iam using a Berkley Tornament 20lb gold colour.