Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Nite De Castin - Ecp Big Splash

Me, surfcaster Syed n surfcaster Winston on de nite de surfcast mission at Ecp's Big Splash beach area...
Surfcaster Winston gettin all hype n ready for this misson...

Me, too, preparing my weapons of choice...

An 800g Morray Eel or Ikan Malong was an opening catch for my Zzziplex M4Evo. The 3/0 size hook was deep throat n can be seen petruding out...

Next, was a medium sized flower crab that hooked itself to my small fish rod...
Surfcaster Winston was trying to catch small fish as baits for us when this 600g of Ikan Kapas grabbed his bait.. We fished till the early hours of 530am n finally called it a day..

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day De Lurin - Giant Peacock Bass

Kelvin was banging in some Peacock Bass with lures and the sizes caught are Humongous...!!!!! 
The picture above was taken at one of his secret spots in S'pore...It weights at around 4 to 5kilos...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day De Castin - You Only Live Twice

Me, Surfcaster Syed is on a solo mission day De Casting. My every movement today is done in a slow n lazy pace... i light up my Gudang Garam cigarette n took out 02 of my rigs which is a pulley rig n a up n over pennel pulley rig.
My newly purchased Salt holdall rod bag. It carries both of my weapons comfortably which is the Zziplexs M4gt n the M4evo n both being coupled wt Daiwa Sealine30sha

 It was starting to rain again by the time i had my 1st cast out...02 hours had passed, n not even a small fish nibble on my small rod. It was too quiet n very2 strange kinda feeling indeed. But, almost suddenly, one of the Daiwa's ratchet was screaming out loud n furious..!!! This is it..!! This is the melody that was the most beautiful sound to my ears right now. It was the M4gt. I sprinted in a Jamaican olympic fashion, forced the rod out of the stand n lock home n ...yes!!! it is -GAME ON-!!!
But, it was trouble from then on. The whatever Monster just dashed straight towards Pulau Tekong n my 20lb Masterlon main line was nearly emptied..!!!
I was in a constant Tug Of War with the Monster as neither of us wanting to give up. We took turns pulling hard on each other. At one point it slowed down n i took my turn to pump it in just as to have extra mainline on my reel!!! I just held on..

After a 35mins of pure hard battling, i passed my rod to a bro who was watching me, while i go to the shelter to get the gaff.
The Monster getting nearer n nearer!!! It was starting to go left n right n never coming in..!!!
Oh no..not again!!! The Monster made a more powerful dash yet again.!!! It repeated this act up to 03 executive times. I was carefully hanging on at this stage. But at long last, i mananged to win the war n land the Monster safely.
Video of me carefully tying to cover the Sting of the Ray with a long cloth. Pls notice at 1:25... when the Ray tried to Sting me just as i lay him down to go n get my pliyer.. Naugthy fella..!!!
 The angry Monster ray With the fierce grin....I gaffed the Monster at the side of his wings so as not to injured him.
 My 1st pose with the Monster. I had no time to weight it but to my estimation, it would be at least 20 plus kilos..
A feeling ocurred to me just as iam holding this Monster...Ive put it to great faith n preserverence for all those past painstaking blank days or nights fishing sessions. Surfcasting from the shore is never easy. Its either the same no commitment thing or thinking that there's no more big fish at our shores anymore....So, Ive Got My Outmost Greatest Respect for all those Surfcasters out there...!!!

Everything had to be done in a haste. It took me 05 minutes for the pic taking n to put him back into the water. I took out the cloth carefully n wished him goodbye. My feelings of satisfaction was not by the hunt of the Meat but by the thrill of the Fight!!! The Fella was flapping his wings n slowly submarined back into the depths of de ocean. In my last salute as a sign of respect, i whispered "You Only Live Twice" to him.. After that, i called it a day n pack for home. Tks for visiting my blog..Everyone.. Tight Lines..!!!