Monday, 1 March 2010

Day De Castin Cp6 - For Queen And Changi

My 12'6ft Penn Inxs2 long range rod was dipping twice...but, before i could have ears were hearing the loud ratchet alarm sound...!!!...Without, hesitation..i lept out of the hut and ran towards it..without my crocs..too..!! I clearly saw, my 12'6ft Penn inxs-2 long range rod was already into a 'C' position...!!!
The feelings was mutual and likened to my past fishing early 90's, inside the Famous Changi Hyundai reclaimed land...why? Because, now, iam in a squatting posture and am trying very hard to take the rod out from the stand...The pressured pulling power of the fish had jammed the rod ...My Daiwa sealine x 30sha was still screaming out loud non stop in pain..!!!
I mananged to release the rod and gave a solid strike...But, even with an already tightened 20lb Sufix Synergy line was peeling out and more than half of it was!!!