Friday, 8 February 2008

A Night Of Sweet Silence..

I mananged to fish overnite today, after being stuck with so much work commitments. Today's fishing was very poor, till late 3am when my rod shows a nibble.

I reel in some slack line and true to my instints, i strike it home...Got a gut feeling, the fish might have swallowed the bait and was swimming towards me... I was fighting the fish in a dangerous predicament, whereby its just below the jetty railings...and its was taking out line...!!!

The fish was hooked by our lightest tackle with Berkley Ironsilk 8lb as the main line there...Iam so careful in this battle till the whole fight took me to 30mins.

It was subduced, and out came a 1kg Sweetlip or Kaci, and, by looking at it, it had a bright pretty patterns of colours on the body. Definitely, it was a male.

The head was a bit smaller than the female counterparts. This male Sweetlip was Strictly Released back safely after a brief snapshots...