Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Hall Of Fame - Monsters Hunters

All these men have one thing in common. Go Big Or Go Home.!!! They are my inspiration to my passion in fishing  and will remained Forever in my Hall of Fame. I SALUTE YOU...!!!
 Singapore Sea Brothers Surfcaster Rizan with his Giant Ray at Bedok Jetty in 2005...!!!
 Team Shorefighter Surfcaster Sam's with his Marble Ray at Ecp in April 2013...!!!

Surfcaster Nau Nau's with his Huge Ray at Changi Carpark 3 in August 2013...!!!

Surfcaster Radhi's with his Superb Giant Shovelnose Ray at Ecp in April 2014...!!!

Surfcaster Akid's with his Super Huge Giant Ray at Pasir Ris in May 2015...!!!