Tuesday, 1 January 2002

Surf Expedition And Exploration Fishing In Johor

By the end of 2002, Iam exploring parts of the shorelines of Johor...At this time, Spore's Changi Hyundai and West coast reclaimed land were unfishable. My favourite spot in Hyundai were transformed into wavebreakers....and bacame more shallower...while West Coast reclaimed land became a Container Port...and you can't enter Jurong Island anymore. Heared rumors of giant stingray and shovelnose being caught at Reclaimed land Malaysia in Johor and Malacca....

It was very2 hot on this day...I was surveing the South China Sea Coastline in Malaysia. We stop at the coastline above Kampung Sunggei Punggai in Johor. The beaches there looks excellent for fishing. I could spot some good potentials in some deep gutters that could hold large sizes fish. Our team rested in Batu Layar Resort.

I grabbed my gear and proceeded to the beach. After 3 hours of fishing, my buddy lost 2 big monsters. His line on his reel was stripped away by the whatever monster fish. Both of his multipliers were now empty or botak. It was 6.30pm and as i was reeling in my line, i felt a slight nibble. I whacked and the next moment i remembered was looking at my rod bending in a U- shape. My line was going out non-stop and i couldn't do anything about it. I tightened the drag of my reel, but it was to no avail. Within 2 minutes, the berkley 20lb mainline on my Abu 6500 was stripped nearly empty. I straigtened my rod, hoping to stop the "monster". At this time, my last two rings and the tip guide on the rod came off...!!!!

It seems that luck was on my side that day. The "monster" stopped. I could feel that it was facing my direction. I carefully pumped my in rod with slow long strokes continuosly and managed to reel it in. Now, i have at least 100 metres of line back in my drum. The fish was a tough battle, at least 45 minutes were needed just to play the tug-of-war with the angry monster...!!!

At last, with the help of my team there, we safely landed the fish...and it was a Stingray..
The pari or ( stingray ) was about 18kgs. I had to seek permission from the locals there ( orang kampung ) to bring it back. They told me that giant stigrays and shovelnose[kemejan] were common there, and begged me not to reveal the place or bring in a lot of outsiders there. I had to honour their words and told them that it would be a catch and release practice in the future.....I rated this spot very highly on my list...and on our next trip there, my buddy's 30lb Line Being Stripped away empty in less than 5 to 10 minutes!!!!!....He's using a Daiwa Sealine Slosh 30 coupled with a Century Tip Tornado Rod. And even after i've upgraded to a bigger multiplyer, an Abu7000 matched with a strong rod, a 12'5ft Silstar Tournament Traverse X.....I was also being defeated too...!!!

The angry monster, being ready to be shipped back to S'pore...