Saturday, 1 January 1994

Part-Time Fisherman

I was becoming a part-time fisherman. All my free time were spent either working or dating...But, one night, we ride bicycle to Sentosa and was overnite fishing at Central beach. On a quite nite, my 7'6ft Silstar rod was being pulled by a 1kg Sweetlips or Ikan Kaci..  

We, surveyed and fished the saltwater pond in the golf course in Tanjung...My bro was blown away when his Yozuri popper was hit hard with full force....A giant catch of ....a 6kg Saratoga or Kim Leng was the fish...The fish was all golden in colour....We never kill the fish and had no idea of how to brought it back home  alive to be stored to the fish tank....So,...we decided to released it back at the pond....just for good luck....