Saturday, 9 August 2008

National Day Fishing

After being so much busy with last, we've got some free time and what a good way to do except fishing today? And i wonder if the fishes knew about our national day today. Upon reaching there, i was hit with the Ikan Gelam. But, to my surprised, iv'e forgot to brought the camera. Luckily, Mateen and Jacq got their camera phones....

Next up, i noticed my line being loose. I slowly reeled in the slackened line and waited for a minute till i felt a small nibble. This time, i striked. Iam using a light tackle and i mananged to have a tug of war with the whatever fish. It was diving strongly everytime when it's halfway up.

Out came a 1kg of Ikan Kerapu or Grouper.

Next up was the other fisherman of the night, Mateen. He was asking me for the special bait and at last...his rod was in a suddened U-shape and line was peeling off vigorously. He striked....n FiSh On..!!! The fight was so incredibly...hard. The whatever fish was going on a one way ticket mode. I could see the small cute baby daiwa reel really screaming in pain and nearly botak...but, he calmly won the 15mins intensed battle, only by using his light tackle only...powerlah...!!!

The fish was safely landed, and it was a 2kg Ikan Kaci or Sweetlip...

A clearer photo of the Grouper n my sleepy face, daa..

A smiley sleepy fiherman n his Kaci......

Our bounty of the night. Tks for viewing..